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Located just outside the village of Saint Emilion, Château Cadet Bon has produced wines that reflect the unique terroir since 1867. The southern facing and slightly sloped vineyard, which is ideal for soaking up the optimal amount of sunlight, occupies 7 hectares, 6 of which are on a sole plot. The vineyard reflects the classic Saint Emilion Way, composed of 80 percent merlot and 20 percent cabernet franc. The average age of the vines is 40 years.

The mixture of chalk and clay soil is a replica of the Saint Emilion coast, Enjalbert, where asteria fossils make up the limestone soil.

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The beginning of the century ...


In 2001, Michele and Guy Richard bought Château Cadet Bon, which was originally owned by the Charente-Maritime family of winemakers. They decided to entirely renovate the property to optimize the maximum quality of this exceptional terroir.

Enology Consulting

Mr. Stephane Derencourt and Mr. Frederic Massie are the enology consultants who help with vinification process. Their up-to-date advice is beneficial for the ongoing evolution in the modern world of winemaking.


The interior of the chateau, as well as the living area of the cellar where the Richards reside, were entirely renovated …

The Soil

An in depth study was led by Mr. Claude Bourgignon in order to get the best understanding of the the soil’s potential. Physical, Chemical, and biological analyses are taken strategically at specifically chosen places of the property. This allows us to understand the true characteristics of each plot, and establish a real map of the terroir.


We are beginning a program of conversion to biological (biodynamic) agriculture.

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The Château

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Cadet Bon’s fountain is an Image referring to an episode sung by Homère.
When Dionysus was captured by pirates, he played his flute that filled the boat wine and protected it with vines. The pirates were thrown into the sea and transformed into dolphins.

This fountain has become the Cadet Bon logo,
and can be found on all of the labels.

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From the vineyard to the winery


of Nature

Since 2001, Château Cadet Bon has had one wish that sets it apart from the rest: To take what is offered by the soil and varietals in the most natural way possible.

By following this simple mantra, an authentic wine is produced. Thanks to the natural terroir of Cadet Bon, the high quality of the grapes emerges in the wine with little added or manipulated.
From a year’s worth of hard work in the vineyard, to the two years of maturation in the cellar, we present to you a Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé. The environmental approach is essential to benefit from such a terroir. Therefore, our transformation to biodynamic farming in 2017 will reward us with all the terroir has to offer.

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